Art Exhibition at El Salvador Embassy in Tokyo


    The art of Kristoffer Kullengren has become a connecting bridge between Japan and El Salvador to spread culture, art and inspiration of creating dreams into realities.
  • Featured Artwork of Shine Together

    Prison Break, 60x70cm, Acrylics on Canvas


    The prisoned bars were imaginary and with the power of manifestation, we have set ourselves free.

    While we are still inside, the view is now unhindered and the bars have disappeared. The sunrise symbolizes a new day both for ourselves and for the world around us as we are now free to shine with full force."


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    Featured Artwork of Journey to El Salvador

    The Salvadorian Dragon
    80x100cm, Acrylics on Canvas

    A dragon covered in leaves, splits in two directions, symbolizing the duality in all things. One side of the dragon carries the city of San Salvador, while the other side represents the determination and talents of El Salvador's people. The painting captures the beauty of the country and how the artist feels about it.