About Kristoffer Kullengren

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    Kristoffer Kullengren (Krs) is one of the most influential and innovative international artists in Asia. With 24 exhibitions in the past 6 years at national, state-owned art museums, gallery spaces, Swedish embassy and public areas, his art has gained popularity among culturally-diverse audience for his unique imagination expressed in colors, his oftentimes simple yet abstract and philosophically-profound images, his deep understanding of eastern and western cultures, and his choice of creating always from a child’s perspective that resonates with people regardless of their age, culture and language.


    His innovative branch into NFT makes him also a leading NFT artist since 2021, shaping how NFT gets localized in China and Japan markets and how people engage art through NFTs and metaverse experience. With diverse collectors and partnerships with big brands in different fields including Alibaba, Illums Japan and Bechstein China and Sungari (a top local auction house in China), his art continues to rise in value and price through his ever-growing global fanbase and influence.



    Solo and Group Exhibitions

    Nov 2017, Love・Nature・Balance, Bai & Yun Art Museum, Moganshan
    Nov 2017, Love & Dreams, Quattro Gallery, Tokyo
    July 2018, Fading Humanity, Yun Jian Gallery, Shanghai
    Oct 2018, Between Dream and Reality, Xi An Contemporary Art Museum, Xi An
    Jan 2019, Between Dream and Reality, BMW Experience Center, Shanghai
    Mar 2019, Decoding Dreams, CINEX Oriental Pearl Group and Mercedez-Benz arena, Shanghai
    May 2019, Art Q for post-disaster community, Iwasaki Art Museum, Yokohama
    Aug 2019, The World of Dreams, Tokyo Love Hotels Gallery, Tokyo
    Sept 2019, The Fika Collection, Essence, Xintiandi Area, Shanghai
    Dec 2019, Blue & Yellow, Swedish Embassy Tokyo
    May 2020, Unified Shield: YOU+ME Group Exhibition, Artgogo, Shanghai Haipai Culture Center, Shanghai
    July 2020, Fusion, Bund no.8 Art and Financial Center, Shanghai
    Feb 2021, Because of Love, Hitchhiker Gallery, Tokyo
    Mar 2021, Reprogram for Joy (NFT), Hitchhiker Gallery, Tokyo
    May 2021, Blossom, Bechstein Center, Shanghai
    Aug 2021, Transeo, Metaverse Exhibition, Tooz and Alibaba NFT Auction, Metaverse
    Oct 2021, 100 Dreams, Metaverse Exhibition, Alibaba NFT auction, Metaverse
    Mar 2022, Taipei International Sustainable Art Exhibition, PPP Place No. 18, Taiwan
    May 2022, Little Mermaid, Illums Japan, Tokyo
    May 2022, Neo Tokyo, NFT Metaverse Exhibition, MAY, Metaverse
    May 2022, Adventure of Dreams, Goose Green Gallery, Manchester
    Sept 2022, London International Art Exhibition, Boomer Gallery, London
    Sept 2022, The First Light of Dawn, Huqiu 27, Shanghai
    Nov 2022, Past, Future and Now, Mofun Art Center, Chengdu
    Dec 2022, Re-Imagination of El Salvador, El Salvador Embassy, Tokyo
    Feb 2023, Re-Imagination of El Salvador, Ultra Super New Gallery, Tokyo
    Feb 2023, Shine Together, Roberto Cuadra, San Salvador